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Can I wear PopSoleTM in the shower?

The PopSoleTM are waterproof and may be worn in the shower. You may place them on the shower floor and stand on them. Use caution in the shower – PopSoleTM will not slide, but the tops may become slippery. If you are not stable, we don’t recommend wearing these in the shower. Watch Video the […]

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When should I replace my PopSoleTM?

PopSoleTM is not intended for long-term use. The PopSoleTM is intended for short-term pain relief and has a 2–3-month life span. The integrity of the air-filled pockets may be dependent on your activity level, weight, and daily amount of weight-bearing status. […]

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What happens if I pop the wrong bubble?

Quickly remove the applied sticker, manipulate the PopSoleTM and the bubble will refill. Apply the sticker once the bubble is refilled. This can only be done soon after popping. If you wear the PopSoleTM for a significant amount of time, you will not be able to refill a bubble. […]

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How do I use PopSoleTM inserts?

Mark it! Pop it! Stick it! Hold the PopSoleTM up to the foot. Use the included marker to mark the bottom of the PopSole where you have pain. Place the PopSoleTM on a table and use the included push pin to pop the marked bubbles. You may need to make 3-4 holes in the back […]

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