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How does PopSole work?

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How to use PopSole

Mark it! Pop it! Stick it! Hold the PopSoleTM up to the foot. Use the included marker to mark the bottom of the PopSole where you have pain. Place the PopSoleTM on a table and use the included push pin to pop the marked bubbles. You may need to make 3-4 holes in the back of the bubble to help the air escape. Gently massage the bubble to work the air out. Apply an enclosed waterproof sticker to keep air from re-filling the bubble. Watch our video that will walk you through the process.


WARNING: sharp objects, keep away from children.

This gives you the flexibility to move your insoles between shoe gear, or try the device without popping. You may choose to keep a pair in the shower.

The PopSoleTM are waterproof and may be worn in the shower. You may place them on the shower floor and stand on them. Use caution in the shower – PopSoleTM will not slide, but the tops may become slippery. If you are not stable, we don’t recommend wearing these in the shower. Watch Video the video here.

PopSoleTM is not intended for long-term use. The PopSoleTM is intended for short-term pain relief and has a 2–3-month life span. The integrity of the air-filled pockets may be dependent on your activity level, weight, and daily amount of weight-bearing status.

If the arch or metatarsal pad feels too high, use your push pin at the notched area of the arch or metatarsal pad. Remember always pop from the bottom of the PopSoleTM.

Quickly remove the applied sticker, manipulate the PopSoleTM and the bubble will refill. Apply the sticker once the bubble is refilled. This can only be done soon after popping. If you wear the PopSoleTM for a significant amount of time, you will not be able to refill a bubble.

We recommend using PopSoleTM certified stickers that have been created specifically for the PopSoleTM so that they are waterproof.

PopSole Indications

PopSoleTM is intended to reduce pressure and limit pain in targeted areas of the foot for people up to 250 lbs. Types of foot pain PopSoleTM aims to help include:

  1. Callus
  2. Blister
  3. Plantar wart
  4. Bone contusion
  5. Sesamoiditis
  6. Plantar fasciitis
  7. Metatarsalgia
  8. Fat pad atrophy

PopSoleTM is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or underlying health condition, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.


WARNING: sharp objects, keep away from children.

PopSole Maintenance/Replacement

Sometimes the fit, shoe gear, or socks may cause the PopSoleTM to make some squeaking noise when walking.

If needed, you can run the PopSoleTM underwater with some dish soap. Dry well before re-inserting into shoe gear. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

Shoe Gear and Fit Recommendations

We recommend wearing a sock with the PopSoleTM. They can be worn barefoot in the shower, or in regular shoes if you choose. You may notice an imprint of the bubbles on the bottom of your foot if you wear them barefoot.

Yes, we recommend wearing both inserts, but only pop the bubbles where you are experiencing pain. This helps keep you balanced and lowers the risk of another injury due to discomfort.

Take the PopSoleTM and hold it up to the removable insert of your shoe. Trim the PopSoleTM according to your original shoe’s removable insert for the best fit. It is ok to cut through the periphery bubbles.Watch the video here.

The small size correlates best with sizes 6-9 for women. The large size correlates best with a size 9-12 for men.

Yes, we recommend removing the original shoe insole. This will help your foot fit better in your shoe and limit excess pressure on the tops and sides of your foot. If you have a very high arch, wide foot, or bony issues such as bunions or hammertoes, you may need to consider a shoe that is a half-size larger to best accommodate your foot and the PopSoleTM.

A sneaker with a removable insole or sensible shoe with a removable insole are the best shoes to use the PopSoleTM.

Company and Sales Background

a.) Those who need pinpoint pain relief of the foot.
b.) Those who stand on their feet a lot.
c.) Those who want more cushion and comfort on their feet.
d.) Those who want a reasonably priced “trial device” for more expensive custom orthotics
e.) Those who need a reasonably priced device to keep their foot comfortable while awaiting modification and/or fabrication of their long-term custom orthotic.
f.) Those who are rehabbing a foot injury and want to achieve a more proper walking pattern with decreased gait compensation for pain if approved by their doctor.


It is recommended to replace your PopSoleTM insert every 3 months for maximum effectiveness.

Please email us at to discuss and sell the PopSoleTM product., retailers, wholesalers, doctor offices, etc.

PopSoleTM product is sold here and at locations near you.

Small: Women's 6 - 9
Large: Men's 9 -12

PopSoleTM is the first customizable air insole that you control. The bubbles are oriented in an anatomic position.  The air-filled bubbles may be deflated instantly to “pocket out” for pain, however, our insole material has been researched and specifically chosen to ensure the skin surrounding the painful area remains cushioned and protected.  The arch and metatarsal pad heights may be immediately modified according to one’s foot type (high arch or flat foot) providing global foot comfort. PopSoleTM is waterproof and may be concealed in a sensible shoe. The PopSoleTM is worn as a pair to maintain proper alignment of one’s knees, hips, and back.

Jeffrey Gusenoff -  Dr. Gusenoff, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Beth Gusenoff - Dr. Gusenoff, DPM is a board-certified podiatry specialist in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh, PA

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