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The PopSole Story

PopSoleTM takes an immediate customizable approach to the root of foot pain. Mark it! Pop it! Stick it!

PopSoleTM is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to hasten healing, limit foot pain and promote comfortable mobility for all.

About Us

As a plastic surgeon and a podiatric surgeon, we never really expected to work together. When we moved to Pittsburgh, we married our specialties by starting to study fat injections into the foot to alleviate pain in the ball of foot and heel. Patients come to see us from all over the world after having been treated by lots of doctors, with no pain relief. Most patients come with bags filled with a variety of inserts and shoes. Many patients got very crafty and engineered their own versions of an insole, cutting out parts of their shoes and adding padding elsewhere. We wanted to create an easy-to-use, a customizable off-the-shelf insole that provides pressure and pain relief so people can get back to their lives.


We thought…wouldn’t it be nice if we could just use bubble wrap and pop out the bubbles where the pain was, or where the fat had been added? That led us to develop the PopSole. We wanted an instantly customizable, waterproof, bubble insole that allowed the user to adjust the height of the insole based on foot type or pain location, and pop bubbles where they had had a procedure or significant pain. We wanted it to be slim enough that it could fit in a regular sensible shoe and avoid those clunky post-procedure boots that leave you walking off-kilter. PopSole’s immediate customization to an individual’s unique foot and personal health situation is completely the opposite of having an individual conform to the standard uniform devices currently on the market.

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Jeffrey Gusenoff, MD

Beth Gusenoff, DPM