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The Curse of the Callus

Continuous rubbing of a prominent bone against a shoe or the ground causes callus formation.  A callus is the skin’s way of protecting itself. It builds up layers of hard skin in response to abnormal continuous friction. Walking on a thickened callus, however, is like walking on a rock in your shoe. Calluses may take different forms. The diffuse callus has uniform layers of skin built up without a core. An intractable plantar callus is more localized with a center nuclear core. People with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or other disease states may be at risk of ulceration development and must be monitored closely. If the skin has excessive build up, the callus may disrupt the skin integrity by breaking through the underlying skin creating a wound.

How can PopSoleTM help?

Patients report immediate relief after a callus is shaved down. The challenge is how to limit the quick recurrence of growth and pain. Patients report callus pain can return as early as 2 weeks after debridement. The PopSoleTM may help extend one’s comfort and slow recurrence.  Hold the PopSoleTM to the foot. Mark the bubbles on the bottom side that correspond to the callus.  Deflate the bubbles and apply a sticker. Place them in your shoes and float the callused area so there is less friction on the area while walking.