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Never leave home without it: PopSole

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Aesthetic Meeting 2023 in Miami.  It was a fabulous meeting buzzing with exciting innovation, talented surgeons, and captivating exhibitors in the Miami Convention center. The city of Miami is exploding with diverse people. The traffic is intense and when compounded by closed streets due to construction, we found it was easier and faster to walk 1 mile to the convention center from our hotel versus taking the provided shuttle bus.  My feet tolerated the mile walk, but then my feet needed to be ready to explore the convention center and exhibit hall for most of the day.  The Miami convention center is a state-of-the-art facility, but the floors are hard and Plastic Surgery conferences command a professional and fashionable dress code suggestive of dressier shoe gear.  If you have ever been in the situation of needing to be on your feet for extended periods of time in dressier shoes, you probably empathize with the burning, blistering, and aching feeling I had in my feet after a few hours, especially in my forefoot.  My irritated feet became my limiting factor in soaking in all the information the exhibitors had to offer.  I returned the first day on the shuttle bus to my hotel feeling defeated.

To recovery my feet, I popped the PopSole into my sneakers as a recovery tool to heal my feet, and my mind! I was in the colorful city of South Beach and there was no way I was going the allow my feet to hold me back from walking to the pier to see all the cruise ships sail out, to peruse the stores and “people watch” along Lincoln Road, from walking along Ocean Drive to taste the empanadas and listen and dance to the Latin beats throughout the city. The PopSole was soft and comforting to my foot blisters. I felt massaged and supported with each step and even had a bounce in my gait. The PopSole allowed me to keep going, avoid further injury, continue to walk the convention center and learn the entire weekend, and then walk the expansive Miami airport in comfort and return home with happy feet.  I can assure you, I will never leave home without my PopSoles!