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Forefoot pain / Metatarsalgia

We put our feet in shoes and take them for granted until they hurt.  As the song says, “The foot bone is connected to the head bone”. When we experience foot pain and are unable to walk or compensate our walk and develop knee or hip pain, we lose some independence causing depression and frustration to set in.  Common statements we hear from our patients with forefoot pain due to loss of fat padding include:

“I need to map out the number of steps I am going to take prior to grocery shopping because my feet will only allow me to walk for 15 minutes.”

“I have had multiple orthotics made but they all feel too hard.”

“I have spent thousands of dollars on inserts and different shoes and nothing helps. I have a drawer full of pads.”

“I used to run and dance, now all I wish to do is take my dog for a walk but I can’t.”

“I drive around large parking lots for a half hour trying to locate a parking spot that my feet can tolerate.”

If some of these statements have run through your head, perhaps our PopSoleTM insole may be right for you.


Our pressurized tightly packed, anatomic air-filled bubbles allow a layer of air to absorb the shock between your foot bones and the ground on impact.  For this reason, some of our patients in our trials enjoyed keeping the bubbles inflated, especially for more diffuse foot pain (i.e. the entire forefoot). However, for more pinpoint targeted foot pain, the corresponding bubble to the area of the foot pain was popped according to our instructions for use.

Popping the bubbles essentially allows the painful area to “float” while the inflated bubbles cushion the surrounding soft tissue bearing the extra pressure.