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Foot pain is not normal…Recovery is necessary

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “my feet were hurting me at night, but I just figured it was from walking on them during the day.”   Your feet have the job of supporting your entire body weight sandwiched with being impacted into the ground when walking. This causes the muscles, tendon, ligaments, and bones of the feet to tire. There is, however, a difference between tired feet and painful feet.  Painful feet are not normal. It is important to listen to your feet and address their recovery.  Many people put their feet in shoes and forget about them until their feet become so painful, you cannot forget about them.  Sometimes instead of addressing foot pain, people alter their gait to “get off the painful area” and then injure their knees, hips, back and more.

Foot pain may not sound threatening like heart disease, but unrelenting foot pain may affect one’s mobility, quality of life and emotional wellbeing. The ideal treatment for foot pain is to reduce pressure to the feet by limiting activity, but the demands of life, family, and work, limiting mobility and staying off our feet is extremely challenging. This is another reason why people continue to push through foot pain and create a more serious injury that is more complicated to heal with an even longer recuperation time.

How can PopSoleTM help?

PopSoleTM can be used as a recovery insole. Instead of pushing through tired, aching feet, try cushioning and supporting them. Our air-filled bubble technology fits in sensible shoes and will help offload the bones while you continue to remain ambulatory.  The PopSoleTM anatomic design helps provide arch support to a higher arch but can be immediately lowered by popping the arch to accommodate the flatter foot.  By cushioning the achy parts of the foot, bruised bones can heal, muscles and tendons may rest and a more appropriate gait and walking pattern may be tolerated.  The PopSoleTM is waterproof so one’s foot can even continue to recover while your body’s muscles enjoy a warm shower.  Our bodies are amazing, but we are not machines.  To optimize our body’s performance, recovery is necessary.